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Belfast-born, Glasgow-based Fahad has always had a passion for electronic music, always discovering talent and embracing new genres, floating through a love of hardstyle as a kid to his dedication to heavy techno and hardcore as an adult. 

Spawning his music career on the beautiful Balearic home of Ibiza, Fahad launched Wonderlust Group, an audiovisual rave experience that boasted its carefully crafted lineups, immersive productions and relentless sounds. After a seasonal stint on the island, Fahad relocated to Manchester, where he held some unforgettable basement parties with James Ruskin, Dave Clarke and Monoloc to name a few.

Relocating back to Ireland, Fahad quickly set up base in The Palm House, bringing an array of guests for their debuts including Anetha, Rebekah, DJ Rush, Inhalt Der Nacht and Setaoc Mass. Growing quickly to become an infamous perpetrator for noise and relentless parties, their growth was only halted by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, seizing the opportunity, Fahad launched Wonderlust Records – celebrating the launch with an impressive 25 track VA which featured tracks from Axel Picodot, Plexøs, D. Carbone, Patrick DSP and more. As this label progressed, Fahad has worked towards a new hardcore based imprint ‘Insurgent Records’, releasing this winter, which already has some insanely heavy hitters to make their mark on the label.

With a dedication to supporting emerging talent, Fahad welcomes Illegal Swede, OHIN, Lekke and Høbie to join him on his roster, while also supporting UK and Ireland bookings for the remainder of the Black Mass team. With his network, skill set and motivation, this family is only set to grow stronger.

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wonderlust group

Founded in 2017, Wonderlust Group has continuously raised the bar for intense audiovisual events, bringing hardcore and heavy techno artists to the UK and Ireland's best venues. Wonderlust has hosted events across Belfast, Manchester, Dublin and Ibiza, with expansion plans for London, Manchester, Glasgow and Amsterdam. 

With a strict no warm-up policy, intense productions and a brutal resident roster, Wonderlust has invited a range of international acts to join the experience, including Rebekah, DJ Rush, Dave Clarke, Bas Mooy, Anetha, Inhalt Der Nacht, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Setaoc Mass, Under Black Helmet, Head Front Panel, Tim Tama, Falhaber and High Speed Violence to name a few.

Pushing the musical boundaries further, Wonderlust Records was launched with relentless releases from artists such as Axel Picodot, Chris Liberator, D. Carbone, Patrick DSP and Radical G, with a new hardcore imprint ‘Insurgent Records’ in the work for 2021.

Continuing on its insane growth, Wonderlust Group is partnering with promoters around the world. Send an enquiry if you are ready to bring the roughness to your city!

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