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Location: Berlin, DE | Closest airport: BER

krista bourgeois

Originally hailing from the United States, Krista Bourgeois is a hardcore industrial techno live performer, producer, and DJ based in Berlin. Seething with corrosive grit, her sound is abrasive and unapologetic. Krista’s experimental take on techno is marked by industrial soundscapes that degrade into visceral, dystopian textures and are backed by a relentless blend of unyielding percussion and analogue warmth.


Unconventional methods have shaped Krista's output. Modular synthesis is the core of both her live performances and her studio. Armed with her self-designed instrument of chaos, Krista explores territories of mechanized industrial sound design, experimental noise, and breakcore elements. With incisive precision and a desire to challenge conventions, she blends these elements into her own unique take on hardcore infused techno.

As Krista Bourgeois continues to delve into the depths of hardcore industrial techno, her unwavering focus on modular synthesis remains at the forefront of her creative expression. With each composition and live performance, she pushes the boundaries of the genre, leaving an indelible mark on the underground electronic music landscape. 

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