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Since our inception in 2020, Black Mass formed as a family with the sole intention of supporting and guiding upcoming underground techno and hardcore talent through their journey as a professional artist. Artist development is at the core of Black Mass Agency, as we envision the value in presenting ourselves to artists as more than just a booking agent. We want to allow artists to forge a fulfilling and sustainable career in the music industry and to enable them in doing this, we provide support on a professional, personal and business level. We place great importance in cultivating a family-like environment based on trust, dedication and motivation.


For us, the alignment between artist and agency is crucial. We seek artists who are passionate, perseverant, hard-working and down to earth. We want to grow together by encouraging the exchange of knowledge. In order to do so, we organise regular educational workshops for our artists, which explore aspects such as goal setting, mindset, social media marketing, time management and financials. In addition to their musical talent, we want to armour our artists with the correct business skills to supplement and maximise their creative potential. With this, we provide consistent one-on-one sessions which reflect on each artists’ goals, progress and current well-being.


As an agency, we want to be a family centered around artists motivating, stimulating and educating each other. Community is at the forefront of what Black Mass represents, bringing artists together to form a family where everyone feels welcome, supported and inspired by one another. Whether it be sharing and learning from each other’s experiences, or providing artistic feedback to each other’s creations, we are proud to have created a support network whereby our artists truly feel connected by a mutual passion for their craft. As well as this, our ultimate goal moving forward is to have a headquarters for Black Mass, where both our artists and other creatives within the underground community can congregate, learn and create together. 
Our events also embody this spirit. We organise events that offer growth opportunities for underground creative talent from a variety of disciplines: from DJs and producers to photographers, graphic designers and sound engineers. With this, no artist is bigger than the other, as we want to highlight each creative contribution

by offering recognition to all involved.

From the perspective of the raver, we wish to create a safe and tolerant atmosphere whereby one can express themselves freely, without judgement or prejudice. Simply put, our emphasis on community and underground culture transmits itself to the dancefloor.

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