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Music has always been an important part of Robin's life. As a young boy, being a big metal fan, he already played the guitar with great enthusiasm. Later on, he got inspired by the Belgian club and rave culture from the nineties. When he discovered industrial techno, he knew this was the style he wanted to make his own.


So now we know him as Wanton, a Belgian DJ/producer and mastering engineer who is no stranger in the Belgian but also the international techno scene.

Although he is known for his heavy productions and apocalyptic performances, it is his other passion that led Robin to the idea of starting the Black Mass family: sharing his knowledge with other talented artists. With Black Mass, he can use his mentoring skills by guiding our family members in their professional and personal journey.


Techno has always been the second language of co-founder Hanne. Already as a teenager, she loved passing time in sweaty basements with fellow ravers.

Hanne's dream was to have a "behind the scenes" job in the event industry. With the creation of Black Mass, this dream became a reality. Being kind of obsessed with organizing and planning, Hanne takes care of the follow-up of the artist bookings and the event management.

As a freelance digital marketing manager and consultant for music artists, clubs and events, Hanne also supports Black Mass with her digital marketing, social media and networking skills.

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