Music has always been an important part of Robin's life. As a young boy, being a big metal fan, he already played the guitar with great enthusiasm. Later on, he got inspired by the Belgian club and rave culture from the nineties. When he discovered industrial techno, he knew this was the style he wanted to make his own.


So now we know him as Wanton, a Belgian DJ/producer and mastering engineer who is no stranger to the Belgian but also the international techno devotees.


He is always striving to perfection in his productions and performances, which are defined by a unique blend of obscure vibes and destructive, distorted sounds.

Although he is known for his heavy productions and apocalyptic performances, it is his other passion that led Robin to the idea of starting the Black Mass family: sharing his knowledge with other talented artists. Furthermore, Robin has experienced how hard the music industry can be when you’re on your own.

Thanks to this new project, he can deploy his mentoring skills by guiding our dark disciples in their professional and personal journey.


Techno has always been the second language of co-founder Hanne.


Already as a teenager, she loved passing time in sweaty basements with fellow ravers. Recently she discovered the pleasure of mixing herself, and so the Nenah project was born.


Although she loves delivering heavy high-energy DJ sets, her main purpose in life is to help other techno artists accomplish their goals.


Hanne will support Black Mass by helping the family members to get exposure for their project with her translation, communication and social media skills.

Black Mass Agency - 23-01-21 (17 sur 24)
Black Mass Agency - 23-01-21 (15 sur 24)


Valentin, also known as the French producer and DJ Savagery, already had a passion for music from a very young age.


Growing up, his taste for music diversified through many different styles, always containing elements that moved him and took him to that state where sound completely takes over consciousness.


His most intense experiences with music came from raving to heavy and dark industrial techno. That is also what he transmits through his DJ sets and productions: with a great taste for artistic imperfection, he is entrancing the audience with his performance whether it’s hard, dark, melodic or violent. Only immersion matters.


Captivated by the urge to make the whole scene move forward and strongly convinced that talent has nothing to do with popularity, he co-founded the record label Occult Rhythms in 2018 to discover unknown artists. Valentin spent the last years putting effort in giving those artists a chance to be heard by many.


Black Mass is the next logical step on his path to push the hard underground scene, fulfilling his passion by accompanying talented artists in their journey to greatness in a nice, supportive and friendly environment.